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  How Does Spirituality Help to Overcome Worry

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Her life was beautiful and serene when she awakened to the realization of her spiritual self. Her renewed mind and trusting in the spiritual power and presence of God within her was the key to peace, joy, love and happiness. When she chose peace, it released all of her worries and magically unblocked the flow of the blessings that were always within her heart waiting to be unleashed. She was free at last.  

"When I am afraid, I put my trust in you." [Psalm 56:3] 

Worry can come about from many different situations and circumstances; people worry about almost any and everything. Some of the biggest worry has to do with money, death, health and relationships. Some people would say that worry is a natural part of life, however, the nature of worry is not of God, and therefore, it is un-natural. Worry interferes with your joy and happiness; it is the most dominate area humans struggle with in life.  

Spirituality Helps to Overcome WorryWorry comes from fear – F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal. It is derived from the preconceived notion that things are going to happen that we don’t want to happen. It is when the mind produces thoughts and pictures of a negative outcome, as if it has already happened. A certain percentage of those fears never come to fruition. However, often times the worry is the catalyst in causing the thoughts to manifest. 

Believe it or not, worry stems from a deeper problem that is underlying and unseen. Based on the concept that every thought is a prayer; worry is praying for something that we do not want to happen. Therefore, in your worry you are visualizing what you do not want to happen and giving it power to manifest by focusing on it. Worry is an unwanted emotion that gives power to the unwanted result.  

In the book of Job, it gives us insight about manifesting worry; when Job said, "What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me." This scripture is telling us that worry has a tendency to block what you want and manifest what you do not want. 

Worry is also a major nemesis to your health; it lowers your frequency (faith) which weakens your immune system and leaves you more vulnerable and susceptible to preventable illness and disease. In other words, worry causes stress and stress inhibits your body’s divine healing power from working optimally and protecting you from the enemies of health and wellness. 

Some worry is so strong that it occupies your attention day and night. Sometimes it keeps you up at night because you cannot turn off this negative talk and picture that is being visualized in your head. Loss of appetite and withdrawal may also be the result. When this is happening, you are caught up emotionally in a mind movie that’s not even real, but it appears as it is going to happen. 

The good news is that there is a spiritual solution for worry. Even though you cannot stop worry from entering into your mind, you can shut it off and keep it out of your heart and from manifesting that which you are worrying about. A fear-based perspective of the situation is the cause of worry and a faith based perspective is the solution. Realize that you have a choice on what perspective you choose to take on at any potential opportunity to worry.  

For example, if you are worried about your health you are thinking the worst or negative. However, when you change your perspective to a faith based perspective and intuitively know that health and healing is within you, 'therefore, I AM healed and healthy,' the worry will begin to subside.  

The closer you get to God or understanding your mind, the better you will understand how to shut off the worries. When you keep your energy or faith high, the worries are low. God has no worries, therefore, when you are on one accord with divine spirit, you are at peace. Depending on where your faith is will determine how you handle worry.  

The first thing you have to do is be willing to change your perspective or mindset and realize that peace is within you waiting to be chosen as your ideal state of being. When you apply or identify God with this perspective it gives you power to overcome the worry. By giving attention to that which you are worried about you are giving it power and authority over you. Your perspective is separating you from your source of peace or God.   

When worry thoughts come upon you, choose peace.  Take deep breaths and put your focus on your breathing. Realize that your breathing is your point of connection to God. See the situation as it has passed successfully. Feel the positive emotion. Breath, relax and release the prayer to God.  

Every time the worry comes back repeat the process. Breathe and relax because the power and presence of God is in you to help you overcome worry and all other life challenges. Practice peace, meditate daily and focus on your breathing or God and your worry and fears will weaken as you get spiritually stronger and closer to God.

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