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  Are You Aware of the Spiritual Laws of Life

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Author: Greg Tharpe

There are two types of laws that exist; there are literal laws and there are spiritual laws. The literal laws are the laws that man (the government) has put into place. As you know, these laws govern man to keep his animal nature and ungodly desires in check, establish order and eliminate chaos. Without these laws, man would become unruly; destroy the lives of others and ultimately his own life. Man would rob, steal and kill without thinking twice about it. Therefore, when man breaks the law, there are consequences. The consequences are usually loss, fines, prison or death. The punishment is designed to deter man from breaking the law.

"A man reaps what he sows." [Galatians 6:7 NIV]

Spiritual Laws of LifeOn the other hand, there are spiritual laws; there is the law of gravity, what goes up must come down. There is Newton’s Law, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." There is the Law of cause and effect, which means that whatever health, money, relationship, personal, social beliefs (faith/fear) that you accept in your in your heart or soul as truth will be manifest in your life. For everything that happens in your life, there is an underlying spiritual cause, whether we understand it or not. The cause is the energy or thoughts and beliefs that occupy your mind and soul; the effect is the emotional, physical, financial results, conditions or experience in your life.  

The spiritual law of cause and effect is also known as the law of sowing and reaping, karma, or the law of creation, attraction and manifestation. This law is what governs the results in everyone's life, regardless of who they are, where they live, their race, sex, status, religion, political views, etc. No woman or man is above this law; there are consequences and rewards attached. No one can break this law and escape the consequences. Just as no human being can escape the rewards of abiding by the law and receiving the rewards.  

You can break man's literal law and possibly get away with it, but you cannot get away with breaking the law of cause and effect. For example, you may get away with a traffic violation, or theft, or even murder, but you cannot escape the consequence of violating the law of cause and effect. If you unconsciously sow lower vibrations beliefs or seeds in any part of your life, whether it is health, money, or relationships etc., they will have an adverse effect. 

The law of cause and effect can also be called the law of perspective (mind/thinking and believing). The scripture, " for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:" enlightens us to the workings of this law. The thoughts in a man's heart cause the actions that cause the results or conditions in his life. For example, if your thoughts and beliefs or perspective of life is set at the higher vibration effects such as happiness, health and prosperity, that is what you will attract, create or manifest.  

Your thoughts and beliefs or level of consciousness is the root cause of what is making each area of your life what it is today in terms of super, good, mediocre or bad. In other words, if your life is bad or mediocre, your thoughts and beliefs are to blame for your actions or lack of actions and your actions or lack of actions are to blame for your results. Therefore, your thoughts and beliefs are the cause, and the results you obtain from them are the effect. 

To change the quality of your results or level of success, first you have to change the quality of your thoughts and beliefs or increase your faith. If your health is not good, more than likely it is the byproduct of your perspective of health or faith. Likewise, with your income, finances and relationships; every effect has a cause. Your level of consciousness or faith is relative to the overall happiness and success in your life. What you know or don't know and believe causes your perception of reality. This perception causes what you say and do, or what you don’t say and do, which causes the results in every aspect of your life.  

Most information comes from your five senses or from your sixth sense (God), when your mind is quiet and still. The information enters into your mind. The mind rationalizes this information; either rejects it or accepts it as truth and stores it in your soul. The soul then sends the information to your body and to the universe, which goes into action to orchestrate and manifest the data into physical, emotional or material reality.  

Therefore, your outer world (life-situation) is a reflection of your inner world (mind and soul) or perception of reality. The causes of your life are the spiritual seeds, thoughts and beliefs you are sowing or that you have planted in your soul. The effect is the spiritual, emotionally, physical and financial condition or result of what you are harvesting or experiencing. As you sow, so shall you reap or if you sow thorns, you cannot harvest corn. What you spiritually sow is what you will literally reap! Reflect on that reality for a moment.

How can we ensure that we cause happiness, peace, joy, perfect health, security and prosperity in our life? With the consciousness and awareness of the law of cause and effect, and faith, one is able to intentionally choose the thoughts and beliefs that resonate and manifest total success and fulfillment in life.  


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