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I am constantly updating my resource links to better serve you!

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There are many excellent resources available to you, which will provide all of the nourishment your mind needs to grow spiritually…to the level of awareness and consciousness or faith where magic and miracles occur everyday.

The following is a selection of resources, which I believe will inspire you!

Spiritual Growth Resource Categories:

Books: Read spiritually inspired books that increase your faith.

The Godsend - Author, Greg Tharpe

Spiritual Websites: Visit spiritual enlightenment websites and sign up for their newsletters.

Spirit Publishing, LLC - Publisher, Terry Swejkoski

Articles: Read spiritually enlightened articles to learn what others have to say about the current change in spiritual awareness.

Spiritual Enlightenment Secrets - By Greg Tharpe

Radio: Listen to radio programs and pod-casts that lift your spirit.

Inner Lately Radio - With hosts, Beth Lynch and Rev. Sharon Shaw

Groups: Join spiritually focused groups that are of the same mindset.

Seminars and Workshops: Register for spiritual seminars and workshops to increase your spiritual growth exponentially, through full emersion programs.

Spiritual Enlightenment Mini-Workshop - Author, Greg Tharpe

Spiritual Interactive Programs on the Internet: Take the time to discover spiritual growth from the comfort of your home.

Life-Enrichment Mini-Course - Author, Greg Tharpe

The Conscious Clarity Energy Process - Author, Terry Swejkoski

Spiritual Movies: Provide you family with spiritually focused movies that inspire a sense of sharing and family values.

Spiritual Cinema Circle  - Four inspiring new films every month.

Meditation: Learn to sit in quietness and silence everyday to hear the voice of God.

Meditation FocusPublisher, Spirit Publishing, LLC

Nature: Participate in nature walks and experience the beauty of God in his natural state.

Featured Resources

Spiritual Cinema Circle

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The Godsend Book - Christian Spirituality Breakthrough


"This is a wonderful, inspiring, insightful book that reveals deep spiritual truths to enrich your life."

Brian Tracy - Best Seller Author and Speaker

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