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  Are You Ready to Challenge the Typical Problematic System

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Author: Greg Tharpe

I challenge you to try to shoot holes in this information if you like. You will find that it is bullet proof. I also challenge you to compare this information to any of the Gurus, Priests, Ministers etc., of the world and you will find that it will stand tallest as far as the power it possesses, if applied.


Challenge the Typical Problematic SystemHere are the benefits you will receive from this website, blog, seminars, coaching and books:


  • You will discover the 2000 year old ancient mystery and secret that is more enlightening and enriching than a PHD from the most prestigious universities in the world.
  • You will discover the spiritual truth about God, self, the Universe and life.
  • You will discover how to prevent bad things from happening to you.
  • You will grow spiritually and gain the ability to see things others can not see and understand things others can not hope to understand.
  • You will discover how to break free from the things that are limiting or blocking abundant success and fulfillment from happening in your life.

If you believe by allowing love to guide you rather than fear, you will also experience the ultimate life God has planned for you. The authentic power of love over fear brings light to your life; it can change your view on life in a heartbeat!

  • You will discover how to break free from all of your struggles, worries, fears, and limitations. 
  • You will discover how to design and create the life and lifestyle you want to live and fulfill everything your heart desires.
  • You will discover how to attract more money and prosperity in your life and eliminate debt.
  • You will discover how to have more happiness and eliminate problems and difficulties.
  • You will discover how to live a longer, healthier life.
  • You will discover how to prevent and heal sickness and disease.
  • You will discover how to have a better, more harmonious marriage or relationship and eliminate arguments and disputes.
  • You will discover how to select a soul mate that is compatible and willing to change and grow with you.
  • You will discover how to have more balance and peace of mind.
  • You will discover how to eliminate the stress that can drive you to an early grave.
  • You will discover how to have more freedom for fun, enjoyment, and relaxation.
  • You will discover how to create a better, more abundantly blessed and fulfilling life.
  • You will discover how to reach your full divine potential and work miracles in your life and in the world.

In truth, there is nothing new that I can tell you, but I’m going to say it in a new, more spiritual, and easier to understand way to produce new thoughts and new perspective that brings new results and more happiness and blessings.


The knowledge, wisdom, and faith that it is based on is over two thousand years old, but the true meaning of life has been concealed in stories of Jewish history, parables, and metaphors, making it difficult to explain and understand. To put it simply, the faith behind it is over two thousand years old, but the thinking is fresh, new, better, improved, empowering, and enriching.


This spiritual based information is simple, easy to understand, and to the point; nothing to confuse the issue. The focus is life enrichment i.e. happiness, health, and wealth; how to manifest it in our lives using mainly our greatest resource and tool … our amazing mind. By using our minds and the understanding of God, Self, Energy, Spirit, and the Universe we can gain new focus and prosper.


The other information in the world is confusing, incomplete, or half true. I will present you information in a way that causes you to think and grow happier, healthier, and more prosperous if you persist and apply it. My mission is to Educate, Enlighten, Inspire, Empower, and Enrich your mind with information that produces thoughts that create the results that you desire. I want to help you improve, grow, develop, and reach your spiritual potential and achieve the abundantly blessed life that is God’s will for you, and your destiny.


Again, there is nothing new that can be said, everything that I will say has been said before at some point in time. The difference is that I will present this information in a more practical, modern day, empowering, easy to understand, and enlightening way.


The education that you will get from this website, my books, cds, seminars, coaching and other products is more blessing and rewarding than a Degree from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton combined. It is guaranteed to produce better results in all areas of your life if you use it to develop your faith and focus.


Think about what’s important to you. Is life enriching education and knowledge important? Is being happier than you are right now important? Is good health and longevity important? Is having more money to have and do more things that you like important?


If the answer is ‘Yes’, congratulations …you’ve found the way, the truth and the light … Get Ready for an amazing Breakthrough in your life.


Ready to Challenge the System 


Join me in my quest to spread enlightenment.


Wishing you Peace, Joy, Love, Happiness, Good Health, and Wealth,


Greg Tharpe 

Author Greg Tharpe offers multiple avenues to achieve Spiritual Enlightenment and Life Wisdom including Online Seminars, Personalized Coaching, Live Events and Keynote Speaking.


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