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  Why Must We Go Through Hardships

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Lack of spiritual understanding of God, self and life causes weak faith which is the primary cause of the emotional, physical and financial hardships we experience in life. When our mindset is out of harmony or out of tune with God or spiritual truth, it lowers our resistance and we experience less than desired outcomes.  Furthermore, it blocks or limits the supernatural effects of the Holy Spirit from entering into our life to serve, protect and abundantly bless us holistically.  

Therefore, if you are experiencing hardships and challenges with health, income, relationships, addictions, etc., it is because your mindset is blocking your wisdom and power. Your spiritual level or vibrations are low in that particular area of your mind and needs to be stepped up to your higher frequency.

"We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God," [Acts 14:22]

Why Must We Go Through HardshipsLife consists of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, hardships and challenges.  Most of these are brought upon by our own doing, often without realizing that we caused them. Believe it or not, we sowed the seeds that produced the hardship. Based on the law of reaping and sowing, we caused the challenge to occur with our thinking, beliefs and choice of actions. Often the choices were made long ago and are just now coming home to roost. When we are not in harmony or alignment with God, we are not fully aware of the wisest and most blessing choices in life.

Man's nemesis, negative energy, also known as the Ego or Satan, does not want you to have an easy and relaxed, abundantly successful and fulfilling life. It wants to bring as much hardship on you as possible. Its role is to expose all of your weaknesses and bring stress, worry, illness, lack, limitation and defeat upon you. It wants to keep you separated from God or from having understanding of your spiritual truth, power and ability.   

However, challenges and hardships can play a positive role in our personal development. Life's greatest lessons are learned in hardships. They are necessary for our growth; they are the fertilizer for our soul. They are life's indicators that we are off track from the spiritual path that God set for us and it would behoove us to change or correct our mindset. In other words, they are telling us that we have some subconscious blockage that is preventing the spirit from abundantly blessing us in accordance to God’s will. 

Therefore, hardships are necessary to give us a reason to seek God and to evolve spiritually to live in the state of joy, abundance and bliss or the Kingdom of God that is intended for our life here on earth.  

Life is the co-existence of positive and negative with hardships playing a vital role in the evolution of human souls.  If life were without hardships, there would be no need for God because everything would be great without Him and that is not possible.

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