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  Education is the Key to Life

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Author: Greg Tharpe

It is somewhat of a misnomer to say that education is the key to life. However, it is true in a sense. Most people think that this phrase only has to do with academics. Therefore, their perception of the meaning is that going to college and getting an education is the key to a successful life.  

To look at it that way is a shallow view of a bigger picture. The fact of the matter is that education might make you successful financially by giving you the credentials to acquire a pretty good paying job, but that’s about all it will do as far as success in your life.  

We have been taught to look at success only from an educational standpoint but the true meaning of success is holistic and has to do with happiness which usually comes about when one has success in all areas of their life i.e. financial, health, relationship, etc.  The more holistic success you experience the happier your will be. 

In reality there are two parts to education. There is the academic education which is provided by the school systems (i.e. elementary, middle school, high school and college) and there is spiritual education which is not a part of the school system, but is the most important ingredient to “the key to life”. 

The academic education curriculum is not geared to teach students about life, happiness and holistic success. Its main focus is to prepare them for a job, which is based on a dependant mindset. The problem with that is if the economy starts spiraling downward and there is no job to be had, the student does not know how to create income using her or his God given potential. 

Spiritual Education is the Key to LifeSpiritual education is not part of the system therefore must be obtained by self help, in other words one’s own initiative. It is based upon the understanding of the student’s divine inner power and the Universe.  

 The student gains a true understanding her or his mind, spirit and soul and their potential to create success in all parts of life. Through this higher spiritual awareness and consciousness the student gains a greater appreciation of life and a deeper trust in the creator within.  

The spiritual student is no longer just limited to the academic teachings and success of the system. She or he realizes that with faith it is possible to create one’s dreams for an abundantly blessed and fulfilling life. 

Yes, education is the key to life but it is the combination of academic plus spiritual education that is the key that will unlock the doors to more blessings than you have room to receive. 

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