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  What is the Spiritual Truth

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Author: Greg Tharpe

There are many renditions of what is believed to be the Spiritual Truth. Many are based on religious and worldly interpretation rather than scientific or spiritual facts. Most people and religions claim to know the Spiritual Truth; however, they do not realize that their perspective of the Spiritual Truth is based on a world perception of reality, which has to do with believing in a Spiritual Truth based on a human understanding. This lower perception limits you to an energy field (karma) that does not serve your highest holistic good and causes life challenges to manifest.

 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." [ John 8:32 KJV]  

What is the Spiritual TruthMan’s religious interpretations of the Holy Scriptures, whether through the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc. or other religious books are very shallow, narrow or limited and do not reveal the whole Spiritual Truth. Therefore, the Spiritual Truth cannot be found word for word in the scriptures. However, the scriptures do provide all of the necessary stories, myths, parables, prophecies, metaphors and words of wisdom to cause you to be able to discern the Spiritual Truth. 


People with a worldly perception of reality are spiritually blind or ignorant of the fact that they do not know the whole Spiritual Truth. They fail to realize that Spiritual Truth is deeper than the external physical perceptions and cannot be seen with the human eyes or heard with the human ears. Regardless of what is written in a book or heard; "The word of God" is not considered Spiritual Truth until it has been validated or discerned by the Holy Spirit.  


Spiritual Truth has to do with a higher level of understanding pertaining to God, Self, the World, Energy and Success. It has nothing to do with what you can see, but everything to do with what you cannot see; therefore, it cannot be found in the worldly perceptions. It is only accessible by way of the Holy Spirit. In order for you to understand the Spiritual Truth about life literally, you must first understand the truth about God spiritually.  


Knowledge of Spiritual Truth is the key to freedom and life more abundantly. It is the key that unlocks the door to higher wisdom and understanding of life and holistic success.  

When studied and searched faithfully with an open and unattached mind, a sincere desire to find it, with personal or spiritual growth and development as your inspiration, the Holy Spirit will reveal the true spiritual message of the scriptures as you grow wiser.  


The wisdom from the Spiritual Truth dispels the myths, lies, opinions, shallow versions of the fabricated truth and flaws that you have been told about God and every part of life. The Spiritual Truth seeker then becomes enlightened to the deeper spiritual understanding of God, life, wisdom, power, faith and knowledge of what one has to do to attain the abundantly blessed and fulfilling life that is God's will for everyone's life. 


When you think that you know the Spiritual Truth, and then, you realize that you don’t know, that is when you are in the process of growing and maturing. Most people do not know the Spiritual Truth but they think they do. They have been listening to the outside influences of what others believe, rather than sitting still and experiencing direct communication with God in silence where all Spiritual Truth is revealed. 


When you realize that you have actually been mislead by well-meaning people that don't know any better that is the beginning of your spiritual awakening. The Spiritual Truth is objective and not subjective or based on one’s opinion. It is the same for everyone, regardless of religion, race, creed, color, culture, nationality, sex, political affiliation or geographical location. 


If you are living in Spiritual Truth, you are living in the light; and in the light is everything your heart desires in life. Believe it or not, most people would rather believe in a lie or worldly perception that keeps them in bondage than to believe the Spiritual Truth that sets them free. Ponder this perplexing reality for a while, and then, decide which truth is your dominant reality. Are you ready for a change? 


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