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  Are You Aware of Your Spiritual Powers and Potential

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Author: Greg Tharpe

We all have been endowed with all of the power we need to have a peaceful, joyful, abundantly blessed and fulfilling life. However, many of these powers have to be developed and strengthened to be able to get the optimum benefits, just like your muscles in your body. Life is a school to develop these powers, but if you are not aware that you are in school, you might miss the lessons. Without developing these powers, your life will not be as fulfilling as you wish. You may be more developed in some of your powers than others. However, when these powers are fully developed and you are vibrating at your optimum frequency, you are in the will of God and a life of peace joy and happiness is the reward.

"For he was crucified in weakness, but lives by the power of God. For we also are weak in him, but in dealing with you we will live with him by the power of God." [ 2 Corinthians 13:4]  

Spiritual Powers - Develope Each to Achieve Full PotentialLife will ensure that you attract all of the people, situations and circumstances to help bring you to the awareness of all of the areas you are weak in and need spiritual development. You will have the choice to remain weak or grow stronger. For example, the perceived person that disrupts your calm nature or the choice you made that wasn't good for you was an opportunity to realize your weaknesses and become conscious of making better choices.  

Until you develop this power, you will continually attract situations that disrupt your calm nature and you will make less than the best choices for the rest of your life. In essence, you are giving away your power and it makes you weak and sick. God gave you these powers for a reason. If you do not develop them, they will work against you leading to emotional, financial, health or relationship issues.

In truth, many times your worst enemy or your last mistake is often your best teacher … so pay attention and begin developing the following spiritual powers to manifest your full potential: 

Patience – Develop this spiritual power so you will not be stressed when you cannot get what you want or when you want it. 

Persistence – Develop this spiritual power so you do not give up easily when confronted with obstacles that try to keep you from total success or your full potential. 

Discipline – Develop this spiritual power so you can keep your eyes on the goal or your dream. More importantly, stay on course with the action steps you are to take each day to achieve success.  

Will – Develop this spiritual power so you can get in the zone or spirit to overcome any obstacle or to break old negative habits. 

Wisdom – Develop this spiritual power to access God or your intuition for guidance and direction to manifest your vision or dream. 

Imagination – Develop this spiritual power to visualize your ideal life and the solution to challenges. 

Faith – Develop this spiritual power to gain trust and understanding of God and your divine potential to heal and do greater things than even Jesus predicted you would. 

Self-Control – Develop this spiritual power to keep your mind from causing you to do things that are not for your or others' highest good or well being. 

Creation – Develop this spiritual power so God can express through you and you can intentionally manifest your most blessed and fulfilling life. 

Resiliency - Develop this spiritual power for when life knocks you down you can get back up time and time again. 

Love – Develop this spiritual power because it is the greatest power of them all. If you do not develop any other power, develop the power to love everyone regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. 

Focus – Develop this spiritual power to keep your mind on the things you want and off of the things you do not want. The more focused you are on what you want the more you will receive. 

Discernment – Develop this spiritual power to be able to see through the illusion, deception, tricks, and traps of the world; when it is not developed, you will be caught up in the psychological bondage of the world which will restrict you from reaching your full potential.  

Forgiveness – Develop this spiritual power to remove the blockage that has been caused by holding on to guilt or an experience that is blocking you from moving forward in your life. 

Peace – Develop this spiritual power to overcome the stress and anxiety that cause emotional and physical medical illnesses, as well as all other "dis-ease" in the physical body. 

Intention – Develop this spiritual power to set your mind on your goals or vision and full potential. 

Humility – Develop this spiritual power to stay in the grace of God, while not getting full of yourself when things are going good. 

Empathy – Develop this spiritual power so you can feel the pain of the less fortunate and reach out to help them have a better life. 

Compassion – Develop this spiritual power so you can always serve and help the world become a better place. 

Selflessness – Develop this spiritual power so you will not get caught up in self, thinking that you became successful without help.  

Truth – Develop this spiritual power so you do not use psychology or deception to influence others. Also, so you can break free from the human illusion and deception of fear based control tactics. 

By developing your spiritual power, you will have put yourself in the will of God and in the flow of abundant blessings in every area of your life. Life always presents opportunities to grow and become stronger and you are now aware that you are in the process of becoming more aware of these opportunities and the choices you are making.  

Realize that you will go in and out of consciousness, but you will become more aware of your spiritual power as each opportunity presents itself. Enjoy your spiritual development and connect with me if you would like assistance with developing these incredible spiritual powers to achieve your full potential! 

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