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  Your Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste – Mind Your Own Business

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Author: Greg Tharpe

In reality everyone’s life is a business that requires proper attention and management to be successful. Perhaps the main reason why people’s lives are not prospering and thriving is because they are not minding their own business.  

Many people are wasting their energy and time minding someone else’s business instead of putting their thought power on how to make their own better.  They easily to get caught up in gossip and talking negatively about others. Some spend a lot of energy and get a lot of pleasure discussing such that they fail to realize the distraction is taking their energy away from making their own life better. 

You Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste - Mind Your Own BusinessRealize that your business in life consists of several different departments. You have a department of health pertaining to your wellness. You have a department of finance pertaining to the well being of your income. You have a department of human relations pertaining to the well being of your spousal, family or social relationships. But, most importantly you have a department of spirituality pertaining to the well being of your relationship with your Higher Power for faith and proper wisdom and guidance through life. 

If you fail to give any department the proper energy, attention, focus and management, your business is not going to profit in that area. In other words, when you are not putting your mind on your business enough it is going to suffer from lack of attention. 

When your mind is on someone else’s business you are taking away from the success of your own success business. Many people are always minding someone else’s business. Most of the times these people are not that successful; at best their life is mediocre. They did not give their business the proper attention; therefore it lacked the necessary energy to prosper.  

Unless you are praying for someone’s success you should be minding your own business. Think about your own life rather than the short comings of someone else’s. Their business is their business so let it be.  

As the saying goes, “if you can’t say anything good about a person, don’t say anything at all.” Try going for one day thinking about more success in your life and not saying anything bad about anyone. 

The more you mind your own business/life the more blessed, profitable and successful it will be.  Keep your mind on the ideal health, prosperity and relationships you want and out of other‘s business. 

If you mind your business more, you will find your life to be more peaceful, rewarding and blessing. As one of my high school coaches used to tell us before games, “get your mind on your business.” 

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