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  Who Do You Believe God Is

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Most people’s perspective of God comes from human understanding and is not based on the understanding of spiritual truth or energy. They are not willing to change or give up their secular beliefs because of ignorance, lack of faith and programmed fear. A human perspective of God has no power and authority over sickness, joblessness, debt, poverty, stress, hopelessness, loneliness, addiction or any other life challenge.

 "God is not a man"...[Number 23:19]; "God is a Spirit" (Energy)... [John 4:24]  

There are many different perspectives of who God is. Your perspective is based on your level of spiritual consciousness and awareness or understanding. There are many levels of understanding; many people are at the lower human levels and fewer are at the higher spiritual levels. Whatever levels a person is at, she or he believes within their heart and soul that what they believe about God is the truth.

Who Do You Believe God Is?We are often taught to look at God as being a man; however, this ideology comes from spiritual ignorance, the ego or fear which is affiliated with the world or three-dimensional thinking.  A lot of people justify God as being a man from the Bible scripture, "God created man in His 'own' image"… [Genesis 1:27]. However, the unenlightened reader does not realize that "in his own image" is referring to his four-dimensional spiritual image.

At lower levels of understanding or thinking, God possess the characteristics of a man such as an ego. Therefore, in their reality, God is a man which is a belief that causes separation from God and your spiritual power and wisdom. Often times, the chosen perspective we believe in is not based on spiritual truth or faith and is the reason many prayers go unanswered.

Most are not aware of this truth and we refuse to let go of beliefs that are based on lower level understanding (thinking), which does not serve our highest good. However, as you let go of your own ego and rise up to the higher understanding you will realize the spiritual power and presence of God is within you to serve you.

Most perspectives come from outside of one self in the form of religious or worldly teaching. Believe it or not, these outer perspectives are at the lower energy or spirit level where there is fear, negativity, evil and where there is no authentic power to overcome them. Therefore, many people are needlessly struggling with life physically, mentally, emotionally or financially because they are afraid to relinquish their lower level ego based beliefs about God.

God is a mystery; therefore, there are many things we do not know about God. However, through the teachings of life, the universe, nature and many enlightened beings, we do know the nature, character and work of God. We know that spiritual understanding puts you in harmony with God and gives you increased faith, wisdom and power to use to overcome life challenges and create or attract the joy that you desire.

Even though we speak of God as a male entity, it is only used as a figure of speech to describe the Holy Spirit. When you choose the perspective of God that is based on higher consciousness, spirit and energy, you are no longer being led by the ego to keep you separated or blocked from the truth. You realize that you and God are united and God is always with you to lead, guide, protect and direct you or answer all of your questions and prayers. All you have to do is "ask and you shall receive."

Thinking incorrectly or at the lower levels will block your power and potential, which leads to lack, low or mediocre blessings in some or all parts of your life.  It bounds you to the lower ego levels of energy or spirit that creates and attracts negativity and even death. Did your understanding of God come from within you (spirit) or from outside (the world)?

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