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  What is Spiritual Faith

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Money, happiness, good health, longevity, healing, love and peace of mind are blessings that most desire. It is not outside the realm of possibilities for God to grant you all of these blessings, if you have the spiritual faith that causes them to manifest.

 Jesus told the disciples; "Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed... Nothing will be impossible for you." [Matthew 17:20 NIV]

The Bible tells us, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen." However, my intuition tells me a dream is the substance of the things hoped for which requires spiritual faith to become reality. Therefore, a better definition is in the NIV Bible; it states, "Faith is being sure of the things hoped for and certain of the things unseen."  

Everyone possesses spiritual faith! It is a gift from God. It is given to each and every human being for the purpose of connecting with the divine power for assistance in preventing and overcoming life challenges that are beyond human intellect resolution. However, the majority of humanity does not understand spiritual faith, therefore, their misunderstanding blocks or minimizes it.

There are two types of faith. First, there is form-based literal faith in what you can see, hear, touch, taste or smell; and second, there is spiritual faith in God (the Holy Spirit) that you cannot see. Of course, it is easier to have form-based literal faith in that which you can perceive with the senses because we have been programmed by society in this limited capacity. However, it takes a higher degree of understanding to have spiritual faith in that which you cannot see which the divine spiritual guidance is offering directly through God. This can be very confusing for someone that is still living life based upon ego limited perspective reality.

For example, it is easy to have form-based literal faith in riding across a bridge because you can see it and you can see others riding across it without any difficulty. However, when it comes to trusting in that which you cannot see to deliver you from danger or a life threatening illness, this is an entirely different kind of faith.

Spiritual faith is the key and most misunderstood ingredient of life. It is your most valuable and powerful possession. Spiritual faith is more valuable than a college degree, wealth, jewelry, diamonds, pearls, oil or any other worldly commodity. Most people believe they have spiritual faith and they are correct, however, often it is blocked and limited by fear and too weak to be effective to get their prayer answered.

It is "humanly" natural to have fear in trusting that which you cannot see, therefore, you have to learn to trust by becoming spiritually educated. As your spiritual understanding increases so will your spiritual faith. Therefore, spiritual faith is formless faith in spirit or God that absolute trust without doubt or fear will cause the spirit to manifest what you request during prayer or meditation.

Spiritual faith is the divine trust that comes as a result of knowing the spiritual truth and freeing your mind and soul of worldly thoughts and beliefs about God, life and truth. This trust causes spiritual growth, development and maturity. It opens up the connection with God so one can receive Life Coaching from the Holy Spirit. Which in-turn leads to wisdom, authentic power, protection and the truly happy abundantly blessed and fulfilling life that God has willed to you.

Spiritual faith is an enhanced mindset that lacks fear. It is complete knowing or trust in the ability of the Spirit God that you cannot see, to magically or miraculously do something that you can see. It is a knowing that something in the physical world can be corrected, changed or fixed by your prayer request to The Spirit of God.

Spiritual faith is pure energy or spirit vibration. When vibrating at a high frequency, it causes your mind to resonate or unite with spirit mind and open up your connection to receive divine wisdom, insight, intuition and healing. However, when vibrating at a lower frequency, it turns into fear and closes down the connection to God resulting in many prayers going unanswered.

It is formless spiritual faith that is going to cause your prayers to be answered; whereas, form-based literal faith is going to prevent them from manifesting into reality. Spiritual faith is the key to calling forth the cure to the things that physical man cannot cure; the possible to what man says is impossible. It is the elixir for spiritual miracles. Spiritual faith connects you directly to God with wisdom and divine power to overcome the challenges and answer questions that are beyond human intellect resolution.

In truth, exactly how spiritual is your faith?

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