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  Are You Aware of Spiritual Bondage

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Author: Greg Tharpe

The shackles on their minds began to release as the world began to experience an upward shift to a higher dimension of spiritual understanding. The people began to break free from the prison that had entrapped and bound them spiritually and kept them from experiencing their full inherent freedom, joy, love and life more abundantly.  


"… and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will." [2 Timothy 2:26 NIV] 


Are You Aware of Spiritual Bondage?We all are aware of what it means to be in physical bondage. However, many are not aware of what it means to be in spiritual bondage. As you know, physical bondage is when you are bound or held against your will. It is when your freedom to go where you want to go is taken away.  


On the other hand, spiritual bondage is when a person or society’s mind is kept at a lower dimension of understanding of God, self and truth. It is when core beliefs are confined to a temporal perception of reality and the person refuses to rise out of them because he or she has accepted them as truth.  


Spiritual bondage is fear (Ego) based and keeps you from fully awakening and experiencing the transformation you were sent to this planet earth school to attain. Furthermore, it keeps you restricted from being aware of your divine power and ability to channel God for greater life wisdom for abundant overall success.  


Spiritual bondage limits the energy flow of divinity in your body and life and reduces your potential for greatness and miracles. This resistance to spirit limits you from reaping the full blessings of happiness, peace, joy, balance, good health, love, longevity, freedom and prosperity. In actuality, it is a spiritual bondage mindset that unconsciously limits your blessings. 


A spiritual bondage perspective of life is not forced upon you; no one has a gun to your head or has you in shackles or chains. If you choose to remain in spiritual bondage, it is of your own free will. Most likely, you choose to do it out of lack of spiritual understanding or because you are afraid that God is going to punish you if you don’t comply with the world’s ideology. 


If a man is a slave and is given the opportunity to go free, why would he choose to remain a slave? Perhaps he is insecure with independence. Perhaps he’s been brainwashed. Perhaps he doesn’t consider himself a slave. Perhaps he thinks that this is the way that life is supposed to be. Perhaps his reality of life does not give him the faith to want to be free. 


Many people in the world would rather remain slaves to society or their religion, environment, or culture mentality than be free. They are afraid of change; they feel as if they are safe; without realizing that their feelings are based on fear and not love. If the choice is not based on love, it is not of God – God is love. 


In reality, the System or society cannot stop you from being free and abundantly blessed and fulfilled ... you can only stop yourself. Freedom, peace, joy, happiness, longevity, wellbeing and prosperity are promises from God and nothing or no one in the world can stop the laws of the universe from delivering on those promises except yourself, due to lack of faith or by living in spiritual bondage.


When you know the spiritual truth and free your mind, you have stepped into the higher dimension of power and authority over fear and limitations. There is nothing the System can do to stop you from being free of spiritual bondage and from having the abundantly blessed and fulfilling life that God has willed to you. Are you truly free of spiritual bondage?


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