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  Why Most Prayers Are Not Answered

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Many people of faith are praying but they aren't getting their prayers answered. They are praying for jobs, money, health, relationships, healings, peace, miracles, cars, houses, promotions, safety etc. Why doesn't God answer most of these prayers? Does He not hear their prayers?


Most prayers seem to fall upon deaf ears as if God doesn't hear them or is ignoring their cry. The fact of the matter is that God heard you before you asked. When your prayers aren't answered, you aren't praying right, you aren't focusing, the request is unrealistic, or it is God's will that you go through whatever you are going through. There may be some lesson that you need to learn, therefore your prayers may not get answered in this lifetime. Sometimes God says "no" by not answering. The fact of the matter is that some prayers are going to get answered and some prayers aren't. Some of the prayers that don't get answered could get answered, but the person doesn't have the necessary understanding, faith and focus to cause them to be answered.


Some prayers may get answered quickly; there may be nothing required for you to do but ask and believe. Some prayers may take a little longer; you have to be patient. Some prayers may take many, many years because there is a whole lot of learning and growing that you have to do before the prayers are answered. You could quite possibly be praying for blessings that you are not ready to receive yet. For example, a wise parent would not grant the request of a young child who asked for a loaded gun. When the child is ready, the parent might grant such a request, but not before.


The bottom line is that the closer your relationship with God, the more faith you have, the better the chances are that your prayers will be answered. Many people have this misconception of what is meant by "relationship with God". They look at a relationship from a human perception as if God were a man. However, the true spiritual meaning is: growing in understanding of the root causes of emotions and things in your life. This means understanding the interaction of the mind, body, spirit and soul (subconscious mind). How your perspective (words) is manifested in your body and life and how you can change your words and change your life. Therefore, you can cause your prayers to be answered if you believe in your power and learn how to focus your energy on what you are praying for as if it has been answered.


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