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  How Can I Profit From My Spirit

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Author: Greg Tharpe

The Spirit is that part of a person’s being known as God within; that part of man that is holy, almighty and eternal. It is the energy and power that lives in the body and gives it life. In reality, the actual you is the spirit living in your body. Your spirit of God is you and you are your spirit; you are not the body.

"But the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal." [1 Corinthians 12:7]  

The spirit does not depend on the body to live, but the body depends on the spirit. It is invisible, colorless, weightless, immortal, ageless and timeless. It was not born; therefore, it cannot die. Nothing can destroy it; weapons cannot kill it, fire cannot burn it and water cannot drown it. The spirit is divine and creative; it has no limits and no boundaries. It is your source of wisdom, power and the energy field from which all blessings flow.

How Can I Profit From My SpiritIt also serves as your life coach; its purpose is to provide you divine wisdom and power to achieve goals and to prevent and overcome life’s challenges. If your mind can dream it and it is within the natural and physical laws of the universe, your spirit has the intelligence to guide you into making it a reality. Its job is to serve and assist you in manifesting love, peace, joy, harmony, health and prosperity in your life.

It speaks to you in revelations, intuitions, impulses, hunches, urges and ideas; always guiding you to the choices that make you grow, improve and move forward to a higher level of life. It is at work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, attempting to bless you abundantly, beyond what you believe is possible.

God gave man a pure (Godly) spirit, however, over time the influences and temptations of the world contaminated his mind and soul, therefore, caused resistance to his trust in Spirit. When man resisted and lost trust in his spirit, it caused negativity and blockage in his heart and weakened him of his power and authority over his personal enemy (ego mind) of holistic success and a fulfilling life.

In order to free the mind of the resistance that is blocking the full flow of spirit, you must purge your mind of all worldly beliefs and philosophies that resist the truth. When you eliminate these enemies from your mind and soul, this will cause the spirit to flow freely and abundantly, causing increased faith, wisdom and power in your life. When your mind is free and not resisting and opposing spirit and truth, spirit will provide solutions to your every challenge.

Whatever you want, the miracle working power of your spirit will bring it forth. For that spirit, no job is too large.  When your mind becomes in harmony with your spirit, you can bring into your life more power to overcome obstacles, wealth, more happiness, more joy, more peace, good health, healing and longevity. You are in the spirit and the spirit is in you; you are one with God when your mind is not causing resistance.

When you free your mind, your spirit is free and uninhibited to cause prayers to be answered and what appears to be magic and miracles to take place your life. Are you profiting fully and holistically from your spirit?

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