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  Response to Fort Hood Shooting - What is the Solution

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Author: Greg Tharpe

As I mentioned in a previous article about the Navy Shipyard shooting; mass killings in America are on the rise. Perhaps planet earth is the murder capital of the Universe, why? When we try to understand it on the surface, we mis-diagnosed the symptom as the problem without realizing it. The problem is not on the surface; what happened at Fort Hood and what is happening all over the earth is a symptom of society and the low level of spiritual consciousness that we live in.  

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."  [1Timothy 6:10] 

Evil Serves It's PurposeMass killings are a necessary evil for a mass spiritual awakening. In order for humanity to evolve, God is allowing evil to serve its purpose. Without it, man would see no reason to re-evaluate his or her spirituality. Until society, this country and the world realize and accept the fact that spiritual transformative education is the only way to building a peaceful, prosperous and loving world.  

Actually, the mass and frequent evil is a sign of the times, indicating that it is time for change and a new consciousness to unveil itself in the hearts of mankind. We humans are hurting from lack of spirituality and our souls are yearning for healing. Some of us can endure the pain without lashing out to inflict the pain on others; some cannot. The end result is tragedy such as what has happened at the Fort Hood for the second time. As the saying goes, "misery loves company," therefore, people in misery are seeking to reach out to inflict pain and misery on others. 

Why did this evil happen at Fort Hood and is happening all around the world? The Bible says, "The love of money is the root of all evil." What does this mean? What it is saying is that the Super Elite who set up the rules, laws, government and system set it up based on wealth, power and mass control. It is set up based on the Golden rule which is, he who has the "gold" rules. 

Therefore, from a financial perspective the whole system was set up to limit and control the masses, so the elite billionaires could maintain power and wealth. The government is set up more so for the elite, by the elite and in the best interest of the elite to increase and protect the profit of the elite, instead of governing people from taking financial advantage of people.  

The system gives you choices of religions and politics to control you and keep you deceived. We buy into this way of life because we have been programmed and conditioned to just accept it as, that's the way it is. The system educated you but they only gave you what they want you to know. Realize that there is so much more that they didn't give you and do not want you to know. 

However, what the world does not realize is that the system's greed and lack of spiritual transformational education in the school system is the root of all the evil that is happening in the world. Therefore, the system (i.e. government) should be tried and prosecuted for the mass killings and evil that is going on in the world. All evil is a byproduct of the system (i.e. money, greed, power and control). 

Until the world builds its foundation on teaching the universal spiritual principles (i.e. love, unity, liberty, justice and prosperity for all), it will continue to crumble in more and more acts of evil and bloodshed. Therefore, spiritual education is the key to bringing the world back into balance, peace, harmony and love.  Our society is hurting and crying out for help to heal us of the spiritual deficiency that we are suffering from and every act of violence is a cry for help. 

The majority of the people at the top are spiritually blind to what’s going on. They say this and that but they do not have a clue about solving the problem. Furthermore, America is a corporation and no one in government including the president has the power to make any changes that will jeopardize the profits of the billionaire majority stock holders.  

So, what is the solution? Spiritual Education is the key and the only thing that will change the world. Lack of Spiritual Education is at the root of the problem and until people learn what the true meaning of put God in school (i.e. spiritual transformational education) means. The system will continue to commit more and more murders daily worldwide. Therefore, evil will prevail on earth as it is in Hell. 

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