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  The Consequences of the Wrong Perception of Reality

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Author: Greg Tharpe

There are two perceptions of reality: a literal perception, and a spiritual perception. When you have a literal perception of reality you aren't seeing the big picture. You haven't gathered all the information. You're making choices and decisions in life without having all the facts. You're basing your life on only half of the big picture without seeing the other half.


Imagine sitting on the ground looking out of an airplane before it begins to take off. When the plane is on the ground, your perception is limited; you can only see a few people, buildings and other planes. But, as the plane begins to soar into the sky you begin to see more and more planes and buildings and roads that you never even knew existed. As the plane reaches thirty thousand feet, you can even see a bigger picture. The area didn't change-nothing changed but your altitude and view. You saw a better view of what the area looked like.


We have all been taught, programmed and conditioned to look at life from the ground level, a narrow, shallow and limited viewpoint. This shallow perception of reality and lack of knowledge is causing you to think and believe in a way that causes you to make choices and decisions that don't cause your life to be truly happy, healthy and fulfilling. In other words it's causing you not to reach your God-given potential in each and every area of your life.

  • It is possibly causing your health to be less than perfect and your life span to be shortened.
  • It is possibly causing your peace and happiness to be limited and less than fulfilling.
  • It is possibly causing your income to be inadequate or less than you would like it to be.
  • It is possibly causing you to be in a job or career that isn't your calling/niche, that you don't have passion for, and can't put your heart and soul into.
  • It is possibly causing the amount of free time that you have to be limited and less than you would like.
  • It is possibly causing your marriage and or relationship to be less than the best and without bliss.
  • It is possibly causing your parenting skills to be lacking and raising your kids to be challenging and stressful.

The person who looks at life from a literal perception doesn't know that he/she is partially blind. They think that life is what you see, not realizing that there's more to life than meets the eye. They think that what they're seeing in life is all there is to life. They live their lives from the ground level, not realizing that there is a bigger picture.


However, when you free your mind from all the assumption, opinions and erroneous thoughts and beliefs that have been programmed into you and are holding you down, you rise to a higher level and get a clearer and different view of reality.

Your elevated view of the bigger picture gives you a better understanding of life. Your reality of life is no longer solely based on what you literally see and hear. You realize spiritual things that you didn't realize when you were bogged down. You realize that behind the scenes God is in control and there is more to life than meets the literal eye and ear.


You live your life from the inside out. You spiritually understand things that others don't understand. You spiritually see things that others can't see and you spiritually hear revelations/wisdom from God that others can't hear. These spiritual revelations and visions guide you to make choices and decisions that bless you abundantly in each area of your life.


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