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  Is Healing and Longevity Possible for Me

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Author: Greg Tharpe

The enemy ravaged their land, leaving many sick and afflicted with no faith in believing that they should be healed and live a life of longevity. They were very religious people; however, they were non-believers of the divine healing power of the universe because they could not see it. The enemy knew of their spiritual ignorance and lack of faith, therefore, he preyed on their weakness and inflicted much pain and suffering on them.  

"Jesus looked at them and said, with man, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible." [ Matthew 19:26 KJV] 

Believe it or not, the world has taken God or faith out of health care and replaced it with trust in man, surgery and medicine. Spiritual or faith healing is a gift from the creator in which many people do not trust and understand. Therefore, they put their health and healing solely in the hands of doctors when faced with health challenges. We have gotten so far removed from the wisdom of spirit and truth of healing and longevity that we do not even realize that our faith has been replaced by fear which is our worst enemy.  

Is Healing and Longevity Possible for MeWe do not realize the fact that in our spiritual mind, we are supernatural healers; however, in our carnal minds we do not believe in faith healing. Many people around the world are stuck in a carnal mindset that accepts cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks as a natural part of life. Some people even proclaim that "it runs in my family." Therefore, they accept the illness as part of the family as if it is a required relative. How much sense does it make to glorify and claim an illness as part of your family? To the unbeliever, it makes all the sense in the world, but to the spiritual minded people, it doesn't make any sense at all. 

Realize that even though history has shown that your family genetics is more susceptible to a particular illness, it can be prevented with a changed mindset that leads to a healthier diet. For example, if your family genetics is more susceptible to high blood pressure; changing your diet to include certain, vitamins, herbs or minerals and lowering your sodium intake will help lower it. Whereas people with different genetics can eat the same as you do but do not have this issue with their blood pressure.  

Instead of proclaiming that it runs in the family, change your declaration proclamation to good health and longevity runs in the family and then change your eating habits. I realize that some of the family members had and have the same illness such as high blood pressure, but it was because of a poor diet causing a weakened immune system not able to fight off the particular illness. It is not heredity that you have high blood pressure, it is hereditary that you cannot intake a lot of sodium without it raising your blood pressure. The key is to eat a diet that has more of the high energy foods that God and Mother Nature provides to prevent and heal sickness.   

Remember that you are equipped with healing power and longevity wisdom; your mindset can heal your body and preserve it. In other words, God is with you to assist you with whatever problem you are encountered with. Your doctor can only give you advice based on what he knows and his level of understanding, but God created you and can heal the physical or emotional challenge you are facing. 

Please take into consideration as to what the doctor is saying and prescribing, but always listen to your heart or the God within you for truth and guidance. Realize that money sometimes plays a role in the doctors prescribed solution. Pray about the challenge, ask God for guidance before you make a decision to allow the doctor to proceed with his recommended remedy.   

Realize that if the Doctor recommends that you have surgery, it may be in your best interest because of where you are with your faith. God knows that you have too much carnal minded blockage (fear) to be healed by your faith; therefore, he will give you indications to press on with a surgery. Even though his power within you can heal, your mindset has to be at a high enough frequency to allow the Holy Spirit to heal you and you may not be there yet. 

The most important point to remember is, "With man, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible." Therefore, continue to seek to grow in spiritual understanding of the power and presence of God within you. As you grow and your communication/relationship with God gets stronger, your faith will get stronger and your immune system and healing power will get stronger. Visualize yourself happy, healed and whole, and meditate for guidance as to the actions you are going to have to take to assist God in co-creating your life of good health and longevity.  


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