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  Has Religion Misinterpreted the Truth About Salvation

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Has the true meaning of salvation been misinterpreted? Realize that depending on what level of spiritual awareness you are at depends on your interpretation and beliefs about salvation. The ways you see and believe at the lower levels are completely different than when you are at higher levels of awareness. At lower levels, biblical stories and parables are not able to be discerned based on spirit and truth. All beliefs are based on what you have literally read, heard or seen, rather than from revelations of the Holy Spirit or intuition. Therefore, salvation may have a different meaning for you.

Ponder the following scripture reading pertaining to salvation for a few minutes (before reading on) and ask yourself what salvation truly means for you personally, not what you may have been told it means:

"I am in pain and distress; may your salvation, O God, protect me."  [Psalm 69:29] 

Has Religion Misinterpreted the Truth About Salvation?At a lower level of consciousness, it is understood that salvation has to do with being delivered from the punishment of sin, which is burning in a place called Hell for eternity. It is believed that when you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sin you are saved or safe. In essence, this is also saying that if you do not believe that Jesus died for your sin you are not saved; therefore you will not make it into Heaven. Believe it or not, this belief is not of God, it is of the Ego and based on fear. 

In truth and at a higher level of consciousness, the understanding of "believing that Jesus died for your sins" has a far greater spiritual meaning. In truth, Jesus died trying to free the people's minds from the world's programming and conditioning, which was not in harmony with God. Therefore, this unspiritual mindset was the cause of the low level of faith and challenges that people were experiencing at the time. At the religious level of awareness, this is stated as, "Jesus died for our sins." 

In spiritual reality, salvation has a completely different meaning. This form of salvation means removing all of the world's negative programming from our mind and soul. This increases our faith, which raises our spiritual energy so that the negative beliefs of the world will not infiltrate our being. Conversely, when the flow of energy is blocked by the world's negative programming, we manifest more negativity in our life.

The fact of the matter is that when no negative beliefs occupy your mind and soul, your spiritual energy system is working fully to protect and deliver you from bad and evil. When you are in alignment with truth or God you are free or saved from the mental, physical and financial enemies of life. You are now one with spirit, and in spirit, there is no sickness, disease, stress, debt, lack, loneliness, depression, hopelessness and unhappiness. You are truly saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit and full of faith.

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