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  Happiness - How to Find It - The Six Spiritual Steps

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Author: Greg Tharpe

1. Change: Change your perception of reality about your potential to be happier. Realize that true happiness is found within (i.e. the spiritual) and does not come from the things of the world. Also, realize that you were born to be extraordinarily happy. It's humanly possible; you have the divine power within you.


2. Desire: Have a burning desire to be the happiest that's humanly possible. Set in your mind that nothing is going to stop you from reaching your full potential. Find the reason that inspires you want to be happier, i.e. why?


3. Dream: Have a vision, imagine your ideal happiness. Engage all your senses. What would it feel like? What would it look like? What would it smell like? What would it taste like? What would it sound like? Also, write this down; be as descriptive as possible about your vision of your happiness. Make changes along the way as you grow and make new discoveries about yourself.


4. Commitment: Set a goal/make a commitment. Write it down in the now, i.e.: I AM EXTRAORDINARILY HAPPY NOW. It is very important that you write this affirmation down on paper, sign and date it. By writing it down, you are seeking spiritual help and placing your order of what you want God/The Universe/Your Subconscious Mind to create in you and in your life.


5. Self Improvement/Spiritual Enlightenment: Learn, grow and, as you become aware and conscious of the happiness blocking beliefs, habits, people, places and things, let them go-get rid of them-free your mind. Focus on improving and understanding how the subconscious mind, i.e. God within, works. Read spiritual-growth self-help books. You will find nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout them that will stimulate new more enriching thinking and inspire you to let go of limiting beliefs.


6. Practice: Practice, practice, practice your new happier image of yourself, i.e. thinking happy thoughts and being calm, cool and collected every day and night. Also, practice positive expectancy, confidence and trust in your God/ power within you. This programs, i.e. reminds, these thoughts into your soul until they become your habitual way of thinking and accompany you everywhere you go.


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