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  How Do I Find My Purpose In Life

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Finding your purpose is the most rewarding endeavor in life. Every human-soul on the planet was sent here for a unique purpose. However, most people live their life without ever finding it because they do not know how. Their spirit is trying to tell them; however, their worldly beliefs or mindset is blocking it so they can’t hear its guidance. They go to their graves having lived an unfulfilled life because they never knew their souls purpose for being in the world.  

"But I have raised you up for this purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth."  [Exodus 9:16 NIV] 

Your purpose in life is within you, however, it may be blocked and covered up by the opinions, philosophies, false truths and beliefs of the world. Most people never fully understand the negative implications of energy blockage (worldly beliefs), so they stay set in their ways and rebuking change or a paradigm shift. However, as you evolve, grow and unblock your energy or spiritual understanding, you will breakthrough to a new and higher dimension of truth and reality. 


In order to discover your true purpose in the world, you must first realize the greatness of the spiritual you within the body. When the truth seeker has done the spiritual baptism work (cleansing and clearing) that is necessary to free their mind and soul, their purpose is clearly revealed to them by the Holy Spirit. Many people seek their purpose in the world and never find it because they fail to seek it from within. 


Therefore, the key is to first seek spiritual growth or understanding of God, Self and Truth beyond form or human understanding. Furthermore, it is to become aware of the spiritual enemy or beliefs of the world that keep you separated from God and abundance, which can cause stress, discord, lack, limitation, dis-ease, illness and even death. Then you must cleanse your soul or replace those beliefs with ones that align you with spirit and truth and unleash your higher energy, insight, intuition, wisdom and joy. 


Once your soul has become cleansed and cleared of worldly beliefs your faith will increase and you will be able to see life in a new spiritual and more enriching, empowering and enlightening way. You will then hear God clearly through the Holy Spirit or your intuition will reveal to you your true calling, niche, passion or purpose in life, which is to serve in your own unique way to make the world a better place. 


Your purpose in life is to serve, to contribute your unique talents, gifts and ability to others and the world and to make the world a better place. Only after you have had a spiritual transformation can you realize your true purpose. Many people are in an occupation, profession or career that they are not passionate about and are not fulfilling because it is not their calling or soul purpose. 


Contrary to popular belief, the primary purpose of life is not to be a professional athlete, movie star, singer, doctor, entrepreneur, etc., or whatever you do for a job, career or profession. In the grand scheme of things, occupations and careers are a necessary part of life.  But, in the final call, your occupation, title, degree etc., counts for nothing and your spiritual growth and contribution to the spiritual evolution of other souls counts for everything. 


Occupations, professions and careers play a part in your soul’s purpose, but for the most part they are your secondary purpose. These are the things of this World (literal) and are secondary to your spiritual cleansing, growth and development. 


If a preacher or a president or a coach or an actor is not spiritually transformed (meaning your perspective on life is not based on the spiritual truth), they are not serving your true purpose. They are not contributing to the spiritual transformation of the world because their mind has not been spiritually renewed. They still look at life from a human perspective or third dimension thinking which limits their growth and wisdom. 


How can you help another to see the truth when you can’t even see it? How can you help someone see the light when you are in the dark yourself? Yes, you may be providing a product or service, but are you contributing to the uplifting of the faith or consciousness and awareness of human souls? 


Your true purpose is to transform and renew your mind from a worldly mindset back to your original spiritual mindset where there is peace and joy and bliss, "on earth as it is in Heaven," then help others transform.  


Jesus said,  "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,"… [Romans 12:2 KJV]


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