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  Illness is an Opportunity for Healing

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Author: Greg Tharpe

No one wishes to be ill; however, humans are equipped with an opportunity for healing through the spiritual power and ability or faith to heal any illness that comes upon them.  It is only possible if a person has no doubt about the opportunity for healing ability of this spiritual healing power. Other names for this healing power in biblical terminology are God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

To the natural person whose view of life is from the world’s perspective, this may seem far fetched. But to the spiritual person, this opportunity for healing makes all of the sense in the world and triggers his or her spiritual healing power toOpportunity for healing...take care of your body! defend and perform at its maximum potential for victory.

Change is the main catalyst for healing to occur. If a person is sick and wants to be healed, first he or she has to change their mindset or attitude about his inner power. They may say that they have faith but his or her faith will be limited or blocked from performing the spiritual healing if it is coming from the head and not from the bottom of the heart.

Illness can be viewed as an opportunity for healing to allow God to heal or an opportunity for healing to develop a closer relationship with God. Realize that God is in the health and healing business and he is the greatest doctor and healer of all times. God is the master healer and when a person takes it personal and believes that God is within their heart to heal them, it will be done unto them in accordance with their belief.

Many times when Jesus performed healings, he would tell the person, “Your faith has healed you” or he would say “if you believe,” meaning that if you don’t believe in your faith you won’t be healed. We posses all of the faith we need it is just a question of if we believe? Belief is the key.

When illness comes upon someone, it is an indicator that their immune system or defense has been weakened by the mind being out of alignment with the flow of the healing spirit within. If the mind and soul are healthy with faith in God, it causes your defense to be strong and powerful enough to fight off enemies of health.

Ninety percent of illnesses come as a result of blocked or limited faith. In other words it comes as the result of stress, fear and doubt. Sometimes this fear is inherited from past generations. The person living in this generation is experiencing the sickness in his or her body based upon the sins of past generations. It can be looked upon as a generational curse. However, with proper understanding the sins can be forgiven or erased and the curse can be broken.

Limited faith, fear, worries and stress weakens your spiritual healing immune system and it no longer has the power or opportunity for healing to keep the enemy from penetrating your body’s defense. It is not strong enough to protect you from the virus or disease (dis-ease) that is trying to invade your body with negativity.

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Realize that your body comes with a spirit that has an opportunity for healing through its supernatural pharmacy with all kinds of medications and spiritual healing power to heal all kinds of illnesses. Your beliefs in this and your faith in God plays a major role as to whether or not your inner meds and spiritual healing power gets released to serve their purpose.

In other words, your attitude plays a leading role in spiritual healing. If your attitude is not of total trust in your spiritual healing power, it gets blocked or limited from serving its opportunity for healing purpose and full potential.

When you believe in your heart that God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit is in you for the purpose of healing you, this triggers the full flow of spiritual healing energy or divine medicine that eradicates whatever negativity that has broken through your defense.


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