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  The Truth - Unbelievable and Forbidden

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Believe it or not, throughout history the spread of religious dogma and spiritual ignorance has infected the world and is the root cause of the problems today.


For centuries religions and their leaders have purposely misled their followers into an organized structure of compliance to their own interpretation for personal gains such as wealth, power and control. The religious leaders of today have knowing or unknowingly kept up the tradition, however, most would deny this fact.


If your religious teachings are not causing your life to be happier, healthier, more prosperous and more fulfilling, it is not based on the knowledge and wisdom of the spiritual truth. Therefore, it is null and void of divine power to overcome, prevent and eliminate the ills of the world in your life.


All religious paths, i.e. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., should be leading their followers to the enlightenment of the knowledge of the spiritual truth (i.e. knowledge of the working of the mind, spirit and soul and the deception of the world), which causes total happiness and a abundantly blessed and fulfilled life.


Unfortunately, for the world's religions, the path to God stops in their religion, i.e. outer world thinking, and does not venture into the inner spiritual world where God and the real truth are found. It can be said that religions are not serving their purpose and are a disservice to the world. It can also be said that the people don't know or believe this, therefore are content with their life as is. They are afraid of the truth, therefore do not believe it and rebuke it.


Furthermore, it can be said that the religions are not leading people to God because God is truth. They are holding them hostage in religion. Also, it can be said that Satan doesn't want the followers of religion to know the truth because the truth will set them free. The people are content living in the bondage to the world's system because they do not trust God's spiritual system.


Some people have all of the material things they want, most don't. None have all the happiness that they want. They would rather depend on and trust man for their blessings rather than God. Their subconscious mind has been programmed to rebuke believing all information that does not pertain to God from a human, literal and worldly perspective. The religions and people of the world should commend Satan for a job well done. Mass deception, what a shame!


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