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  What Resonates for You - Think Like A Man or Think Like A Goddess

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Author: Greg Tharpe

In his book, Steve Harvey encourages women to "think like a man."  However, this is based on HIS understanding or perception of reality of what it takes for a woman to have a successful relationship. While this kind of thinking may have some relevance, it is not going to conquer the relationship challenges a woman is going to have if she and her mate are not practicing spirituality or self-improvement.  

Her relationship is not going to be fulfilling until she puts spiritual education and transformation or God first in her life. If she is "thinking like a man," according to Steve Harvey's advice, instead thinking like a Goddess, she is going to fall short on what's really necessary to find her true soul mate. She is not going to have the benefit of divine guidance, intuition or common sense that's needed or in alignment for the relationship bliss her heart truly desires to manifest. 

Think Like A Man or Think Like A Goddess?To manifest the true relationship of a Goddess, it's necessary to bring your divine inner nature to the forefront of your thinking. Focus on what your divine guidance instructs you to pursue, not what someone else is thinking or how you should attempt to think like they do. When you bring the Spiritual laws of relationship building into the light, your true Goddess nature takes charge and your inner guidance overpowers the ego's need to figure out what someone else is thinking.  

Here are 15 secrets of How to think Like a Goddess: 

1.    The Goddess realizes that the spirit of God or the Holy Spirit is in her heart and she possesses the power, wisdom, genius and creativity of the Universe. In other words, all things are possible to she who believes. 

2.    The Goddess realizes that outer world personal, religious, cultural, political and social beliefs serves to deceive and interrupt the flow of her potential or abundant blessing flow and greatness, therefore she does not get caught up in them. She walks by faith or spiritual guidance and not by sight.  

3.    The Goddesses realizes that baptism or identifying and cleansing her mind and soul of worldly beliefs is the key to unleashing her full power, genius, creativity and love within her and out into the world.  

4.    The Goddesses realizes that the key to relationship bliss is when two souls have common goals or aspirations and realize they have conscious and unconscious issues, therefore, are together to support and help each other grow in love and unity. 

5.    The Goddess realizes that the body that she is currently in is not who she is, however, she appreciate it and realize that taking care of it by eating healthy and exercising is her way of telling God thank you I appreciate you. 

6.    The Goddess realizes that life is a game of deception and distraction; therefore she contacts the inner world or God through daily meditation for practical wisdom, knowledge and guidance. 

7.    The Goddess realizes the key to getting prayers answered or intentional manifestation is mastering the process of setting goal setting, unleashing her faith, meditation and focusing on and working the divine plan of actions. 

8.    The Goddess takes responsibility for her life and does not blame anyone else for her current life-situation that she has manifested. 

9.    The Goddess realizes that her unique calling and purpose in life lies within her. When she cleanses her mind and soul, it will unleash its identity and the abundant blessings that are God’s will for her will manifest. 

10.  The Goddess realizes that her faith gives her power and authority over negativity; therefore she has no fear of failure. She does not fear negative energy because fear is negative energy within itself. 

11.  The Goddess realizes that spiritual education and transformation is the key to identifying and removing all obstacles that impedes holistic and abundant success or from reaching her full potential. 

12.  The Goddess realizes that there are no such things as failures, just opportunities to learn, grow and correct. 

13.  The Goddess realizes that Heaven is a higher state of mind that can be obtained through spiritual education and growth. She realizes that there is no separation between Heaven and Earth. 

14.  The Goddess realizes that all blessings come from Heaven or God, and the Kingdom of God is within, therefore she look within from which thy help comes.  

15.  The Goddess realizes that she is here to serve and help others realize or reach their potential or awareness and trust in the God in them.

Don't think like a man or try to figure him out … think like a Goddess and discover the love, peace, joy, happiness, ecstasy and bliss that are the rewards of your ever increasing spiritual growth, understanding and faith.

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