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  Longevity - How to Achieve It

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Here's the key that will unleash your potential to achieve longevity:


1. Set a goal to live a long life; every year on you birthday set a new goal to reach the goal of one year older, i.e. if you are forty-five on your birthday set a goal to be forty-six.


2. Write your goal down on paper now. Example: I am now forty-six years old on my next birth date. Write down as much detail as possible. Example I am longevity. I am perfect health and fitness. I am energy, vitality, youthful vigor and zest for life. I am strong. I am vibrant. I am alive. I am aware. I am flexible. I am agile etc.


3. Give thanks to God/the universe/your subconscious mind/heart/soul/Allah/Jehovah. These are some of the names the world uses for "The Creator of the Universe".


4. Celebrate accomplishing your goal. Do something that's fun and exciting. Imagine what your ideal birthday celebration will look like. Try to make it better and outdo yourself every year. Have a party. Go to a concert. Go out to eat with friends.


5. Dream - Practice - Imagine how it feels to have accomplished your goal. Visualize the jubilation. Get caught up in the moment. See it in as much detail as possible.


6. Be confident; show your faith in your confidence. The confidence will exude good karma in your body and in your life.


7. Do this for twenty-one straight days in a row. This stores the program in your subconscious so that it runs easily and effortlessly, i.e. become a habit. If you miss a day start over until you achieve your twenty-one day goal.


8. Trust that you have now reprogrammed your subconscious mind for longevity; enjoy the journey. As the bible tells us "It is done unto you in accordance with your belief." Have faith in the God power in you to create longevity and long life will be rewarded to you.


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