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  What Are Your Beliefs About God

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Where did you get your beliefs about God from? Did they come from spirit (revelations) or did they come from man (the world)? Did they come from what the Bible declares or did they come from the Holy Spirit's interpretation of what the scripture means? There are many different beliefs and understandings of God. Most of these beliefs come from social conditioning, such as race, religion, culture, tribe, heritage, etc. Whether these beliefs are based on spirit and truth or not determines your level of faith, joy and holistic success.


" … Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these …" [ John 14:12] 

What Are Your Beliefs About GodMore than likely, your beliefs are based on what you read or heard someone else say rather than from what you heard God say through the Holy Spirit. Your belief and understanding of God and Life are either: in harmony with God and truth (true), totally out of harmony (false), or somewhere in between what is true and what is false (half-true). You will be able to tell by your results in life. 


You probably believe the way you do based on the way you have been taught, which is God in the context of a man. If you only believe in God from the human perspective it would be safe to say that you chose your beliefs without soul searching and validating them. Also, it might be that your beliefs are based on some type of fear. You might be afraid that you are going to hell if you do not believe that God is a man or separate entity from your true spiritual self. 


Most of the world has bought into the human perspective of God as truth, however, it is disempowering and void of the Holy Spirit. It is of the working of the ego to keep man separated from God and his power and authority over negativity and the challenges of the world. The humanizing of God comes from spiritual ignorance or lower levels of faith. 


Realize that whatever you believe about God, yourself and life, is what you believe is true based on your human understanding and not spiritual understanding. King Solomon gave us a clue in Proverbs when he said, "Lean not unto thine own understanding." If you do not view God as spirit and energy it is because your intuition has been limited or blocked by the worlds humanistic programming and conditioning. 


Your beliefs and understanding of God is the cause of your emotional, physical and financial results. If your beliefs about God and yourself are not based on the spiritual truth, your life will not reach its full potential and will be mediocre or lacking. You will not have a fulfilling life of peace, joy, happiness, health and prosperity that is your true potential, regardless of how rich, educated, talented, religious or political you are on the surface. 


Choosing a perspective of God, based on the human understanding, is the working of the ego trying to keep your mind from re-uniting with spirit.  However, choosing a perspective based on spiritual truth is the key to living life more abundantly. 


Are your beliefs about God causing abundant blessing for you emotionally, physically, financially and socially? If not, it would behoove you to re-evaluate them. Or, are you afraid of change?


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