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  The Message in the Charleston South Carolina Church Massacre

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Author: Greg Tharpe

What motivated twenty-one year old Dylann Roof to murder the nine Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Members? Did God allow the killings to happen for a reason? Could God have prevented it? Why didn't God protect the church members? Do the churches need to employ security guards to protect them from the possibility of future acts of violence? Out of all of the people and places in the world, why did this happen to those people and at this church? 

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. [Ephesians 6:12]  

Dylann Roof South Carolina Church MassacreIt is no surprise or mystery as to why murders are happening. Acts of crime and violence is nothing new to this world and it does not discriminate its victims based on race, religion, political affiliation, education or financial status. There have been evil, crime and massacres throughout the history of the world; therefore, the incident in South Carolina is part of the ongoing episode of the story of life. It's sad to say, but there will be more unless we awaken to our true nature of love and reverence for life.

This crime is no different than the many other mass killings that have happened throughout our lifetime and before. The motive may appear to be different, however the underlying motive is always the same ... some emotionally hurt people at times physically hurt other people. Even though on the surface the motive appears to be racially motivated or a hate crime, Dylann Roof and any other killer is hurting inside because they do not know love or their purpose for existence.

Many spiritually unenlightened souls may only see this incident from the human perspective and cannot discern the underlying spiritual message that life is sending out to the world. Therefore, to understand the message I will explain it from a spiritual perspective or higher consciousness level. As Einstein so eloquently stated, "We can’t solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking that created it." If one is reading this from a lower level of consciousness, their ego will take offense because their mind is still stuck in the physical dimension of the world where there is no true understanding or solution.

Life is meant to be all about love; love is the only reason that we spiritual beings are here on planet Earth having this human being experience. Therefore, when we do not understand our reason for existence, we act outside of the spirit of love. The mass murderers and typically anyone who commits a crime does not feel loved; therefore, this lack of love motivates them to commit crime and/or other acts of violence.

When we do not identify with the fact that we are love, we do not live by the laws of human relations such as do unto others as you would have them do unto you, treat people as you would like to be treated and love your neighbor as yourself. All crime and acts of violence is the byproduct of a person choosing to ignore these laws. And the fact that the person is hurting emotionally causes them to retaliate against others or the system that they perceive as causing them emotional pain.

When a person identifies with the spirit of love within them, they no longer have the propensity to inflict harm on another in any way. However, many people who do not identify with themselves as being love live by the adage of "an eye for an eye" and they feel that if one hurts them emotionally or physically, it gives them the right to retaliate and even take someone's life. A few of the people with this attitude are the next mass murderers waiting for their call to action. Their mind is operating in such a lower level of consciousness that they are simply void of love from their limited perspective.

When we do not realize that bad experiences happen for a spiritual reason that is misunderstood by the world it complicates things even more. The unenlightened souls are trying to understand it with their human mind rather than from the perspective of spiritual wisdom or sixth sense intelligence. The human mind does not want you to understand it; therefore, it tries to get you to accept the human perception as the only truth.

If you are feeling angry, bewildered and confused or any other negative emotion about the church murders, it is for the purpose to inspire you to grow and seek spiritual understanding which brings about peace. As bad as it may appear, all negative experiences have a message or lesson and a blessing in them if they are spiritually discerned.

Many people are grieving and rightfully so; many churches are probably feeling afraid especially at the sight of a strange person or person of a different race coming into their church. Is it time to bear arms in church? Is that the right thing to do? Or, do we stand on our faith and trust God for protection? It all depends on where a person is in their faith, spiritual understanding or energy vibration.

Is the message in this awful experience a sign that the church needs to re-evaluate itself? Is it a sign that the government and education system needs to re-evaluate itself. Is it a sign that each individual that has hatred and fear in their human understanding of life needs to re-evaluate themselves? Is it a sign that this country and the world needs to re-evaluate the way humanity is progressing? Is it a sign that the priorities of the system that we live in is way out of whack? These are all valid questions that deserve deep analysis at a much higher level than what our current societal system is capable of comprehending.

Unfortunately, because we have been programmed and conditioned to think from a human perception, we do not understand our spirituality or our spiritual purpose of life. Therefore, massacres and evil are going to continue to happen until we finally awaken to the message being presented to us. Either you will be safe based on your faith in spiritual protection and security or vulnerable because of lack thereof.

Since it is highly unlikely that the whole world will change anytime soon, the people refusing to grow spiritually will be left unprotected. They will be vulnerable and susceptible to the negative experiences that are necessary for their spiritual growth and evolution. Many will pass on without receiving the lesson or message that was put in front of them for their soul to evolve.

However, for the people that understand and are willing to explore more of the spiritual truth for enlightenment and understanding, they will come into a new perception of reality that is not based on flesh and blood but on spirituality and truth. They will have no need to fear a terrorist attacking their home, church or on any public outings they attend.

They have no need for a weapon for protection. They have no fear because they realize that they are not the body and "no weapon formed against them shall prosper."  Their new perception causes the spirit of God to protect them and they realize that the things they are experiencing are not happening to them, they are happening for them to spiritually grow and evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

They are at peace in a perceived turbulent world because they now know the truth and the truth has set them free from the shackles of the human mind perception of reality.

So, what are we going to do? Let us pray for spiritual enlightenment in the name of Love for the whole world. Establish love, spirituality and holistic success for all as our foundation or core curriculum to change the mindset of the next generation. Or, we can simply sit back and do nothing, whereas the alternative will be to continue to create monsters that are hurting and are out to seek revenge by hurting others due to false perceptions of reality?

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