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  Are Your Beliefs Based on Spirit and Truth

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Author: Greg Tharpe

A belief is a premise, accepted with or without proof. Beliefs become your chosen faith and the foundation from which your attitude, actions and results derive. Most of these beliefs support your perception of reality, thereby, leading to your identity of who we are, also leading to your successes and failures in life. Your beliefs are the core influence in creating the life you are living.  


"According to your faith be it unto you." [ Matthew 9:29 KJV] 


Are Your Beliefs Based on Spirit and Truth?Your core beliefs are deeply rooted in your soul; they determine your karma, influence your behavior and also influence the strength of your immune system. Beliefs affect how we see others, the world and ourselves. If you believe that life is a struggle and full of people who are out to get you, then this is how you will see everything that happens to you. If you do not believe in yourself and your potential, then those beliefs will make life more challenging and less successful for you.  


The information, associations and environment that have encompassed your life have formed your beliefs. Beliefs come about by seeing, experiencing, touching, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling and sensing. You have developed beliefs about God, yourself, health, relationships, marriage, raising kids, education, religion, politics, money and what’s right or wrong, based on your perception of truth.


Life gives you the free will to choose the beliefs that you believe are best for you. However, what you choose to believe will make your life heaven or hell, or something in between. Beliefs are the foundation of what is richly blessing you in all areas and aspects of your life or holding back the rich blessings in all areas of your life. When beliefs are based on spirit and truth, it cleanses your soul and provides a more powerful connection with God. 


When we believe in the spiritual truth and facts of life, we are freed from our self-imposed limitations; our hopes and dreams are manifested easily and effortlessly. However, it should be noted that many beliefs are not at a level of consciousness that brings about peace, joy and happiness. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons people do not reach their spiritual potential and live the fulfilling life that God has willed them. 


There are some beliefs that are extremely restricting, especially those formed at an early age when we are trying to survive in a world that we could only understand from a child's perspective. Some of these lower self beliefs are the cause of emotional instability, irrational fears, social issues, money issues, relationship drama, illness, addictions, disease and even death. 


You will break free from the bondage of the lower self beliefs when you believe that you are part of the divine spirit that created the universe. When you believe that nothing is impossible for this divine spirit within you and that it is provider of solutions to all challenges, the source of all creations, and it is working for you to make your life abundantly blessed and fulfilled, you will see abundance come to fruition in your life. 


Your beliefs not only shape your perception of the truth, but they also have an impact on every aspect of your life – from how your cells function, to how you function in relationships, to how you function during adversity. Your beliefs control and affect your health, your financial situation, your emotions, your education, the quality of your relationships, etc. 


As a matter of fact, your beliefs determine how your whole life will turn out. If your beliefs are not consistent with the spiritual truth, they will limit or block you from finding the joy and inner peace that you are seeking. If you insist on holding to those beliefs, you will experience some emptiness and a less than fulfilling life. 


If you change your perspective and put beliefs based on the spiritual truth at the forefront of your life, you will experience the joy of living in spirit. Your reality is a composite of your beliefs; if you change your limiting beliefs, you can change your reality. Are you going to allow beliefs that do not serve your highest good to occupy your mind?  


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