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  Dynamic Life Enrichment Spiritual Mini-Workshops

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  Unleash Your Spiritual Power and Increase Your Blessings Mini-Workshop

Dynamic Life Enrichment Workshop 



This powerful workshop is being presented to increase your full awareness of your secret inner power and ability to eliminate stress, heal sickness, live long, lose weight, eliminate debt, create prosperity, overcome addiction, attract your soul mate, eliminate emptiness, find your purpose and prevent bad things from happening to you.

Join me in my quest to spread enlightenment:

Limited Special Seating!


RSVP Today: Call 478-923-8611 or email: [email protected] for this event.


Workshop Cost: Love Donation at the is turned away!


Next Local Workshop Time and Location

Call for Details of the Next Workshop



* Workshops can also be conducted at your location...

Wishing you Peace, Joy, Love, Happiness, Good Health, and Wealth,

Greg Tharpe

Author Greg Tharpe offers multiple avenues to achieve Spiritual Enlightenment and Life Wisdom including Online Seminars, Personalized Coaching, Live Events and Keynote Speaking.


Discover the Secret to "Creating Heaven in Your Life" Starting Today - Read "The Godsend" by Greg Tharpe


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Call: 478-923-8611

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