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  How Can Spirituality Help Me Attract My Soul Mate - Part One

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Author: Greg Tharpe

They were madly in love and decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their life together, so, they got married and started a family and were seemingly happy. However, after only a couple of years, they realized that the love they had for one another had vanished. They were unhappy and realized they had too many irreconcilable differences, so they decided to end the marriage.  

"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value."   [Proverbs 31:10 - 11] 

Many single women today are feeling lonely without that special someone in their life. They have tried relationships in the past, but they have not worked out. They seem to not be able to attract their soul mate. Therefore, the thoughts of never getting married and having the relationship or family that they have dreamed of periodically visit them. These thoughts are often disheartening when they enter into their mind. 

Spirituality Can Help You Attract Your Soul MateHowever, everyone has a soul mate here on earth that is here to assist and share with them in creating a life of love, joy, bliss, happiness and ecstasy. Many people will not have the joy of connecting with their spiritual soul mate, because they have not opened their mind to the level of the energy vibration or frequency that attracts the ideal person into their life. Unbeknown to them, their subconscious mindset is restricting the universal synchronicity of attracting their ideal soul mate. 

If you are not in tune with your inner wisdom or God, you will not hear the guidance or intuition necessary to attract and live your relationship dream. You will attract someone that on the surface seems like your ideal mate physically, but time will reveal that the person is not resonating with you at the spiritual or soul mate level. You will eventually realize that the person’s energy is not in harmony with yours and you were unaware because you did not intuitively sense it. This is because you were leaning on your own understanding. 

When two people are not growing together spiritually, they will realize that they have differences of opinions that divide them. Each person will think that they are right in their view point; however, they do not realize that they have basing it on their opinion and not spiritual guidance. Therefore, this leads to a lot of argument, stress and separation; which make for an unhappy marriage and/or divorce. In most cases the marriage is fixable but each person thinks that there is nothing wrong with them; they believe that it is their spouse that needs fixing. Actually, both need spiritual counseling and transformation. 

Even though the relationship or marriage failed, there were some valuable life lessons to be learned about self and about knowing what you don’t want in a relationship. The experience happened because you attracted it to learn more about yourself and get a closer relationship with God. Often your worst experience turns out to be your best teacher. You will not be able to have a great relationship without learning what you learned from your worst relationship. Furthermore, often to find out what you want in a relationship, you have to experience what you do not want in a relationship. 

The key to finding your soul mate and preventing relationship or marriage unhappiness and/or divorce is to first work on your relationship with God. In laymen's terms this means, getting educated about spirit and how it affects every part of your life in a good or bad way. Understanding a relationship or marriage comes from understanding God or spirit.  The more you grow in spiritual understanding of your inner self, the more relationship wisdom or intuition you will gain from your higher consciousness about relationship or marriage bliss. 

Do not seek to find Mr. or   Mrs. Right, work on seeking the Kingdom of God within you or improving/cleansing yourself spiritually. The Bible stated, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things will be added to you." Remove the old marriage/relationship mindset (personal views) so you can hear the new one (Christ consciousness) speak clearly to you.  

As you open and grow spiritually, you will be able to quickly and easily reject all people that are attracted to you, but are not in tune to the meaning of a true spiritual relationship. Continue to grow and focus on spiritual understanding and eventually you are going to attract the soul mate that is resonating at the new higher energy frequency that you have attained.   

Realize that in your natural mind (based on your own understanding), you are not going to become or attract your heart’s desire relationship. However, in your spiritual mind (Christ consciousness), you are guaranteed the inner guidance and direction to attract your soul mate and manifest a spiritual relationship or marriage bliss.

Continue to Part Two for more information on this topic.

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