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  How Does Spiritual Self-Esteem Affect Your Life

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Author: Greg Tharpe

Many people are said to have low self-esteem which has to do with how they feel about themselves. However, the majority of the world has low spiritual self-esteem which has to do with how they feel about their trust and faith in the ability of the Spirit of God within them. The psychological deception of the world or society plays a vital role in lowering your spiritual self-esteem by propagating fear and a false perception of God.  

 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." [2 Timothy 1:7 KJV] 

Spiritual Self-EsteemWhen your self-esteem is high or not restricted by fear and deception, you will possess the confidence, wisdom and power to prevent and overcome any obstacle, you will also access solutions to problems and create your dreams. However, when it is low or restricted by fear and deception, your trust in God will be minimal as will your divine wisdom and power. This weakness causes you to be vulnerable and susceptible to the ill effects of the negativity of the world. 

When we have low spiritual self-esteem, we are under an illusion and do not believe the spiritual truth about God, who we are or what is possible. We are guided by outer influences rather than by inner intuition or wisdom. We are in denial that our spiritual self-esteem is low and we possess more fear than faith. 

Low spiritual self-esteem can affect some or all parts of your life: 

  • In your religion - Low spiritual self-esteem causes fear and keeps your perspective of God limited to religious beliefs. It keeps you from having the faith that is necessary to get your prayers answered, create your dreams, accomplish your goals or overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 
  • In your relationships - Low spiritual self-esteem keeps you from finding your soul mate or the wisdom or intuition of how to live harmoniously together in love, peace, joy and happiness. Also, it keeps you from attracting the people into your life that are here to assist you in manifesting your dreams. 
  • In your finances - Low spiritual self-esteem causes you to be in debt and restricts you from finding your niche, passion or calling and serving the world for a profit. It also causes you to be content with your job or income, but not totally satisfied and fear and disbelief that you can be very prosperous and financially free by creating your own product or service. 
  • In your health – Low spiritual self-esteem causes you not to have the discipline and desire to eat healthy and exercise causing you illness and being on medications. Also, if you are sick, it blocks the Holy Spirit from healing your body. 

We all have low spiritual self-esteem, fear or deception issues that need healing. These issues are what lead to hatred, anger, illnesses, depression, addictions, poverty, debt, mediocrity, crime, violence, stress and anxiety, selfishness, greed, envy, jealousy and contentment, etc. Without healing, these issues will restrict the amount of faith that is necessary for the holistic, peaceful, joyful, abundantly blessed and fulfilling life that you are here to experience. 

The key to raising your spiritual self-esteem or psychological issues is to first realize the fact that you have some spiritual or faith issues that are restricting the flow of God in some or all parts of your life, such as health, money, relationships, emotions, etc. 

Then you must begin to connect and associate with the enlightened souls that are devoted to spiritual education and transformation. You can connect by reading spiritual books, attending workshops and seminars, social media and/or hiring a life coach. By being affiliated with these enlightened souls, your energy will begin to rise as your mind begins to renew to its original state before it was deceived by the world to a false perception of reality. 

As your mind becomes transformed or in harmony with your spirit, the old deceptive mind or Ego loses its power and authority over your life. Your spiritual self-esteem will increase as your faith, wisdom and power increases. At that point you will be "born again", a new you with a new spiritual truth based perception of reality (mind) guided by your inner wisdom or Holy Spirit.  

So, as good or bad as your life may seem to be up to this point, it has the potential to get unlimited times better as you take the actions to heal or raise your spiritual self-esteem.

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