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Christian Spirituality Bible Interpretation!

Greg Tharpe here, welcome to my website. If I don't already know you, I’ve been waiting to meet you and get to know more about you. My God-given gift is focusing on Bible interpretation through Christian Spirituality and the teachings of Spiritual Enlightenment as a whole.


No, I am not psychic, but I know there are some amazing people on the same spiritual enlightenment path as I am. You have many questions pertaining to how Christian Spirituality can help you in today's changing times and how it can influence your faith.


Many of you follow Christianity and need answers to prayers; therefore, it's no surprise that you found your way to a place where you can find Christian Spirituality secrets to make your life better than ever before. We were destined to meet at this exact moment in time and I will guide you to simple solutions for your most troublesome challenges in life.


The real treasure of the Bible is buried deep beneath the surface in the spiritual messages. The bible calls it, "The secrets and mysteries of God." This is what Paul wrote about that in [1 Corinthians 2:14]:


"But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."


The spiritual interpretation of this passage means, for the people that have a more external and religious view, it can be a bit frightening, because they have been taught to think inside the box of religious conviction. Therefore, they are unclear about the spiritual enlightenment truth or discernment of the scriptures, mainly because it is not worded in religious terminology.


I have been blessed with the gift of truly understanding what Jesus said through the Bible and how to apply it to life challenges in today's world. Through my current day interpretations of the Bible, I can assist you with your spiritual enlightenment questions.


Quite a few years ago, I became involved in what is called self improvement, which leads me to where I am now, the Christian Spirituality genre. I truly love it! In fact, I even wrote a book about it called, "The Godsend," and I teach courses on it. It is my gift and passion to recognize the deeper meaning of the scriptures, especially the teachings of Jesus in a new spiritual or life empowering and enriching manner.


This type of understanding is designed to give you a renewed mind or power and authority over the challenges that life presents. To say it a more spiritual way, I help increase your vibrations or energy, which also increases your faith and empowers solutions.


Therefore, I show you all the different ways to understand the messages in the Bible, so that you can identify with the power perception that resonates with you the most. My passion is to help facilitate the paradigm shift that will bring you back to a fully loving relationship with God, where your life will be Paradise or "On earth as it is in Heaven," as stated in the Lord's Prayer.


I believe that everyone is capable of living the most blissful and fulfilling life that’s humanly possible and I have been blessed with an abundance of faith to share with you. Even if you do not believe in yourself, I want you to know that I do. This is a gift of love. The Bible is a love story about God's love for you and the world. I would be honored to guide you on your journey of comprehending the Christian Spirituality messages Jesus wanted you to fully understand.


Let's begin our journey together today; register for my newsletter and I will send you up-to-date divine spiritual information to increase your faith to higher levels of wisdom and authentic power.


And, just to demonstrate how dedicated I am to you, I will send you my latest private "Special Report" absolutely free, just for having faith in me and signing up today!




Greg Tharpe


Call: 478-923-8611

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